Thursday, January 6, 2011

If You Build it They Will Come - Let Me Know How That Works Out For You

Hi Everyone! Some have asked me, "Am I off the list for your blog? I haven't gotten anything in a while." That would be a no. You're on the list, it's just that yours truly hasn't written jack in months. I can't quite explain just didn't make it to the top of the priority list these past few months. But Alas! It is now 2011. It is time for resolutions and fresh starts, so here I am!

Here's the deal. I have always wanted to develop one of my interests into a money making business. I have also always had the vision of being self employed and working from home to build in that flexibility we busy moms need (hello bazillion half days of school). Who doesn't love the vision of these infomercials where these people are lounging pool side spending time with their family because they developed a business so easy and so profitable that the cash practically runs into their accounts at the press of a button? I love the "Mom-preneurs" that occasionally show up on a talk show (I think Oprah had one). Julie Clark, founder of the Baby Einstein company made a video for babies on a shoestring budget. Poof! Millionaire! Some lady started making "gibets" for her kids' Crocs at her kitchen table. People liked it. Bam! Gazilionaire! If only it were that easy! It's kind of like Santa Clause. You love the idea and the magic of it all, but you know what the real deal is. Developing your own business is hard. Any show that suggests that all you need is a great idea and that it will grow organically into a successful business may as well be selling crack pipes. I can only imagine the number of flights Julie Clark and the Gibit chick got on to figure out production and distribution of their product. Successful businesses are blood sweat and tears to get started...period. As for myself, I am embarking on yet another entrepreneurial journey. I've tried my hand at freelance marketing and a network marketing business. I dabbled in a food business and here I am blogging. I'm game for a lot of ideas and not afraid to put it out there for a test run. One of these days I'm going to find what works. My newest entrepreneurial venture is a specialty medical marketing business. I have two partners which I think will be the key to our really does take a village. I'll keep blogging about whatever I feel like, but rest assured, my adventures in entrepreneurship will surely make an appearance here and there. Wish me luck.

By the way, if I could make an income blogging, I would totally do it. I just don't have a clue as to how. I bought two books on the subject. I don't think I'm cut out for hard core, money making blogging, but I do have fun with it. Bless my friends who get a kick out of what I write, but here's the and my eight followers aren't exactly taking it to the top. So, while big buck blogging doesn't appear to be in my future, I would be very happy to work on growing "followers." As a group, I swear my girlfriends could run the universe. Surely, someone out there knows a good way to increase followers? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? (Sorry, had to be done). I don't think you can comment on this blog unless you have a gmail account or are a follower (C'Mon! Take the plunge!). If that's too daunting, just send me an e-mail. Right above the comment box, you'll see a series of "buttons." Just click the envelope to e-mail me.

Happy new year everyone! Here's to putting yourself out there and doing great things in 2011!