Monday, March 29, 2010

Why Are These People Celebrities?

Last Friday I hear the mailman pull away from the mailbox. This can only mean one thing...Us Magazine!!! It's arrival says "Happy Friday!" to me. This paired with the fact that my husband works from home, there will be no homework, and there is a family dinner out on the horizon (drinks!), make a great start to the weekend. The Sandra Bullock/Jesse James scandal has broken this week (feel terrible for her), so it's 1:1 odds who is on the cover. I practically skip to the mailbox knowing I will win this silly bet with myself. I pull out my magazine. BINGO, Sandra Bullock. Then I scan the sub stories and there she is...Kate Freakin Gosselin. The only consolation is that it is a sub story, not the whole stinking front page, and she's on for Dancing With the Stars, not because of her divorce. But then I think, "Dancing with the STARS?" What is it about this woman that makes her a star? I'll give her the sextuplets, but outside of that, what does she bring to the table? She's a mom, just like millions of us. Why do we shower her with all of this attention? As a result she has round the clock nannies, paid vacations, plastic surgery and hair extensions. Personally, I think she should get back to the business of being a mom and made to slug it out with the rest of us (i.e. luxury = uninterrupted hot shower). This brings me to some other useless celebrities. Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and the Kardashians to name a few. They're basically paid to be vapid, self obsessed, law breaking, emaciated, drama queens who get pregnant out of wedlock. As I write this I realize I am contributing to the problem and only bestowing more attention on them. Can we organize a boycott? Buy no magazines that feature these unworthy objects of our affection/attention. Next week when I skip to the mailbox to collect my coveted magazine I hope Mother Teresa is on the cover.


  1. Rock on sweetie! Excellent post. Maybe I should be giving my blog some attention...

  2. You are so funny! Love your writing style. Kate G has written many best selling books on parenting. At least she claims she wrote them, and she speaks all of the world to Mother's I get her before I get Paris Hilton. xoxo